The pages of the NZ Pension Protest website:

The Law

Facts & Figures

New residency requirement


What WINZ wants to know

List of non-deductible pensions

Spousal Provision

Winter Energy Payment

Social Security Agreements

Anomalies and inequities
(Info: Australian/British pensions)

The big bangs for Kiwis

Private pension blunder

Lucky Chinese – until 2022

Pension and travel

Portability: NZ Super overseas

The pitfalls of Portability

The Fight

NZ Pension Protest’s policy & What we are fighting for

Contact Government & local MPs

HRRT Hearing March 2018

Outlandish decision by the HRRT on the Spousal Provision 2020

Appeal to the UN

Request for MSD enquiry

NZ Super Debate 2015

Overseas Pension Forum

AKL University research

Pension reform discussion

NZ Pension Abuse website

Letters to Wellington


How to have debt and over-payment waived

Double Tax Agreements

The Victims

Married the wrong man

Married the wrong woman

No-one must be better off

The joys of marriage

A much-diminished man

Lost independence

A shocking discovery

Old lives don’t matter

Health advice from WINZ

Returning Kiwi

Dutch immigrants lured with lies

Fighting on two fronts

Working beyond retirement

The hard life at old age

On and off

The fight of a knight

Governmental elder abuse

The daily treason

Offenders & Actors in Wellington

The New Zealand government

Cloned Messages from the Beehive

PM Jacinda Ardern

The Labour Party

The National Party

The Green Party

ACT Party

New Zealand First

The Maori Party

Retiree Peter Dunne

The real double-dippers

The truth twisters

The mind behind it all

Human Rights Commission


News archive

The famous Reviews

Hopeless appeal systems

Statistics archive

Tips to avoid the worst

What is a pension?

Pension glossary

About us / Contact


KiwiSaver & Super Fund

Inadequacy of NZ Super

Retirement Commission

Organisations for seniors

Useful links


Reader feedback

Deutsche Seiten

Böses Erwachen im Paradies

Artikel 187-191 (früher: 70)

Ein Fallbeispiel

Besonderheiten für Deutsche


Andere Steuerfragen
(in Bearbeitung)

Rückkehr nach Deutschland



Schweizer in Neuseeland


Newsletters – Archive


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